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Windshield Repair

Efficient Windshield Repair in Waldorf, MD

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Not every ding or chip your windshield gets requires a full replacement. A certified auto glass repair company, like D&S Glass Service, can repair minor breaks that are usually dime-size or smaller.

Not sure if the crack in your windshield is repairable? Bring it into our shop, and let our team assess the damage and provide you with a free quote.

Windshield Crack & Chip Repair in the Waldorf Area

As auto glass repair experts, our team is honest in our recommendations and won’t suggest a windshield replacement unless you really need one. Let our team perform the fast windshield chip and crack repairs you need to keep driving!

It is possible to save money by repairing a windshield crack or chip instead of replacing the whole windshield, but you have to bring your vehicle in as soon as you spot the problem. The more driving you do, the more likely those breaks will spread and become irreparable.

USA Flag Icon When Is Windshield Chip Repair Possible?

Generally, a windshield chip can be repaired with a special resin applied by our certified technicians. The chip usually needs to be less than a half inch; otherwise, your windshield may be compromised to more damage. If your windshield has more than three chips in it, you should consider a windshield replacement because the structural integrity of the glass may not hold up even with a repair.

USA Flag Icon Are Windshield Cracks Repairable?

They can be as long as you rely on an authorized glass repair company's high-quality services. Windshield cracks need to be less than five inches long and not in an area that can obstruct the driver’s view for a repair to be possible. Consult with our experts to verify if your windshield crack is repairable.

USA Flag Icon What About Dings or Other Glass Problems?

Yes, if your windshield has dings or dents that haven’t penetrated through the glass, those areas can be filled and polished to make your windshield look like new again.

And since auto glass problems can occur on any glass surface, if you notice similar spots on your side windows or your rear windshield, let our team repair those areas at the same time.

Keep Driving With Fast Windshield Repair

Don’t risk worse damage to your windshield. Our in-shop glass repair services will repair your windshield chips and cracks in around an hour and get you back on the road safely. Our lifetime warranty on our labor and materials means you can trust our repair to last, too.

Schedule an appointment with our pros by calling 301-843-6833 or by filling out our service request form online.

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