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Adas Recalibration

Windshield Replacement & Safety System Recalibration

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As advances in automotive technology make driving smarter and safer, it’s also forcing the auto glass world to adapt. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (or ADAS for short) provide beneficial features, like lane departure warnings to keep us in check, pedestrian detection to avoid those close shaves, rain-sensing wipers that kick in when it starts pouring, collision avoidance systems to prevent those dreaded bumps, automated parking for those tight spots, and adaptive cruise control for a smoother ride.

But these handy features depend on cameras that are either mounted on or near your windshields. To ensure you can drive safely after a windshield replacement , rely on the D&S Glass Service team to recalibrate your cameras and system at the same time.

Request a free quote for any auto glass installation and get ADAS recalibration from our trained technicians!

Certified ADAS Recalibration in the Waldorf Area

When your car's windshield gets damaged and needs replacing, the intricate camera system your vehicle uses for safety has to be reset. With so many different types of ADAS systems, not all auto glass shops can recalibrate them, forcing you to have to go to a dealership.

And until you do, your ADAS won’t work as it should. Don’t waste time replacing your windshield and recalibrating your vehicle at separate places when you get both done immediately.

Our skilled technicians have the experience and special training to recalibrate ADAS systems with pinpoint accuracy on all vehicle models, including:

Two Types of Windshield Calibration Expertise

Different vehicle manufacturers utilize multiple types of calibrations, either dynamic, static, or both. Only trust an auto glass company that has the training to perform all the recalibrating for your specific vehicle correctly.

USA Flag Icon Dynamic Recalibration

Dynamic recalibration involves real-time system adjustments while a car is being driven at certain speeds and over certain distances. Whether performing in-shop or mobile windshield replacements, our techs drive your vehicle and adjust all camera settings, from lane departure warnings to parking assistance.

USA Flag Icon Static Recalibration

Static recalibration is typically conducted in a controlled environment, where specific targets are used to calibrate the system correctly. After a glass replacement, our technicians set your system to zero, apply the target board and vehicle specs, and connect and reprogram your camera. Then we test drive to ensure optimal performance.

Depending on the type of vehicle, ADAS recalibration can take a few minutes to a couple of hours to reset. Feel free to talk to our team anytime about the process and how we can help make your car safer.

Replace Your Windshield With ADAS Recalibration All in One

Convenience and reliability are our mission at D&S Glass Service! That’s why all of our techs are thoroughly trained on ADAS recalibrating for any vehicle. Come by our shop or request mobile service for a windshield replacement and get ADAS recalibration as part of the installation.

We accept all auto insurance and will even help you with a claim so you can feel secure with the process, replacement, and your fully functioning vehicle! Call 301-843-6833 or connect with us online to get a free quote or set up an appointment.

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